Let us spark your imagination with ideas, trends and examples of unique kitchens we have designed.


First-hand feedback from our clients, industry bodies and media. Learn about our approach and design beliefs.


Understand our design deposit, service levels and installation. Let us answer any questions you may have.


See behind the scenes, meet the team, and come and experience our studio at our exclusive events.
Let us spark your imagination with ideas, trends and examples of unique kitchens we have designed for clients.
First-hand feedback from our clients, industry bodies and media. Learn about our approach and design beliefs.
Understand our design deposit, service levels and installation. Let us answer any questions you may have.
See behind the scenes, meet the team, and come and experience our studio at our exclusive events.

Unique Approach

Design | The Myers Touch

The approach we use for every project is the same for all clients, however each outcome is entirely unique. We take our time as we guide clients through our special approach to identifying and understanding what an exceptional luxury kitchen space would be for them.

A Simple 3-step process

Our approach follows three specific steps, each one has a different function and service level options according to your needs.

Services | The Myers Touch


Collating design ideas, highlighting priority decisions, selecting the best Design Service, establishing a brief, holding an active dialogue with our Design Consultant. From 1-2 weeks. Read more

Design | The Myers Touch


We aim to provide you with initial designs within two weeks of our consultation. Add in a further week for revisions following a Design Presentation. Read more

Unique Approach


A kitchen installation takes between 2-5 weeks according to complexity but remember that manufacturing and delivery time can add in an additional 8-20 weeks. Read more



Unlocking expectations and desires

Each of our clients have different expectations and desires. The size and shape of the room will vary, as will the budget and outcome required. 

In order for us to help you best, our Discovery Process will enable us to ask the appropriate questions during your Design Consultation and focus on your particular needs and requirements. With many years of qualified experience we are used to the diversity and complexity of creating a new kitchen living space that will not only look fabulous but offer you the very best use for your space. Through open dialogue, careful listening and expertise we use a process of consultation, design and discussion to present ideas and solutions that express your unique style in line with your specified budget.


Our design consultation

We will take time to talk through the many aspects of your kitchen. This time will pass quickly as there is so much to discuss and you will come away energised and excited about the kitchen living space we will be designing for you. 

A quality product not only stands the test of time but carries with it the pleasure of use. Benefit from our in-house expertise in selecting the right products for your needs and budget. And a quality installation is guaranteed.

Looking at the space is where we start. Getting the fundamentals of flow, proportion and connectivity is of utmost importance in ensuring that your kitchen is as efficient and beautiful as possible.

Loved by many. Unimportant to others. A great gadget not only looks good, it also feels good to use. And if it can save you precious time too then that’s an added bonus.

Form and function have long been great companions. We strongly believe that behind every magnificent façade should be a highly efficient and purposeful backdrop.

Have you ever noticed how it’s the dark counters in our kitchens that gather the most clutter? That’s because they are less likely to be used for food preparation since we are all naturally drawn to work towards the light. Let our experience serve to design you the most useful kitchen possible.

We all know how to choose the right restaurant for that special occasion…it’s the one that not only serves great food but carries just the right atmosphere. Now why should that be any different for a kitchen?

Whether your pockets are deep or shallow, we have a range and flexibility of products to satisfy. Knowing the budget you are working to before we begin is critical in offering you the best choices and solutions so that you get the ultimate value for your investment.

We see kitchens as art. They need the right setting (connectivity with the room space), the right frame (the walls), the right light (natural or moody) and they need to be loved!

We aren’t all born the same. And we don’t all live in the same way. Listening to your needs and desires is our starting place in a designing you a kitchen that will be a pleasure to use from day one and into the seasons that follow.

Our kitchens are made to last. Our tailored design combined with craftsmanship, means they are built to fit you and to last.

The best outcome we can imagine for your new kitchen is that you have fun throughout the process and are left smiling at the end. This is why we design all of our kitchens with light, space and laughter!

We all know that a great kitchen should look good.  But it should feel good too.  In fact we specialise in kitchen-living spaces that make you feel at your best – whether that feels peaceful, hospitable, relaxed or highly creative.  It’s your choice!


It may be that during our Discovery Process and Design Consultation you recognise that you require a more radical evaluation of the architectural space and flow, rather than a straightforward kitchen design.  

Myers-Essential Kitchen


This service translates your brief into a unique and exceptional kitchen design proposal. Inclusive of our interior design service to further enhance your kitchen.

Kitchen & Dining Table


Our spatial architectural design service transforms your kitchen and living spaces, ensuring the flow and layout of your home works effectively for you.

Myers Dining Room

Architectural design

Our all inclusive Signature service will challenge and transcend all and any limitations of your space, and change the way you feel and live in your kitchen living space.



A tailored proposal

Your designer will take you through a comprehensive design proposal which has been tailored to the results of your Discovery Process.  This may include multiple design options if the space allows.

Each element of the design will be talked through with you in detail and the preferred design will be shown in a 3D render. Any adjustments discussed will be re-costed for your approval.

Once you are happy with your proposal and a deposit has been received, we provide full technical drawings including plan and elevations with Service notations for your builder if it is part of a larger project.



Building the dream, install and aftercare

All of our fitting team are skilled craftsmen in their own right. Accredited to fit the high-quality products we recommend for our clients. Your designer will continue to be in regular contact throughout the build phase, checking on progress and making sure you are happy with the proceedings. After installation, we will hand over your kitchen and will run through all of your appliances.

Warranty paperwork will follow once your project is complete.


We provide a range of installation and Project Management possibilities depending upon your requirements and our availability.


All our service levels, except for the free kitchen planning service, benefit from our interior design service and particularly for those who have not already engaged an Interior Designer.

Our interior design service helps solve all the questions around the aesthetics of your kitchen living area, from choosing a great piece of art to the upholstery for a family banquette. Our team will help you create a complimentary setting for your kitchen with a cohesive design scheme including paint colours, wall coverings, flooring, and assist with selection of furniture and fabrics. A basic lighting plan will also be prepared.